Dedicated Server Hosting

From $69/per month

Whether you need one or one hundred dedicated servers, ServerBone offers unbeatable performance and value for businesses and enterprises of all sizes seeking to increase productivity and reduce IT spending.

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Virtual Private Server

From $15/per month

Virtual Private Servers from ServerBone are a big step-up from traditional Dedicated Server, offering almost all of the control of a dedicated server but at a fraction of the price and with much greater scalability.

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Web Hosting

From $9.99/per month

on every Web Hosting plan, you can create virtually any type of website: blog, forum, CMS, wiki, photo gallery, E-commerce store, and so much more! Since HostGator runs on Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, thousands of existing applications and software are compatible.

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Our Services

Dedicated Server | Virtual Private Server | Cloud VPS | Cloud Dedicated Server | Cloud Hosting | VPN

Web Hosting

Web Hosting made easy and affordable.Hosting for every Website.small business to enterprise

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Data Enctyption

SSL Certificates Secure your Ecommerce transactions & more to add Trust to your Website

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Ping Test

we provide a list of our subnet ip address you can ping and test before order service

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Technical Service

stands behind we provide with a comprehensive service level agreement

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leverage Internap’s Performance IP™ technology to reduce latency and improve network

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Website Optimization

produces highly competitive web sites that out-perform on every measure; traffic, speed, conversion

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Bug Fixing

with the ability to add security options including a Web Application Firewall and DDoS protection

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Support Center

Customer Support is always available. Contact us by email, live chat, the ServerBone Control Center

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Why Choose Us

When choosing an infrastructure provider to host your critical IT applications there are several major factors to consider such as risk mitigation, performance, reliability, scalability, and value


Datacenters, networks, and hardware do not operate themselves (yet). we have built an operations team including network engineers, facilities engineers, expert system administrators, software developers, and our servers located at SingleHop


In contrast to many of our competitors XLHost offers dedicated servers on a month by month basis and does not require long term contracts. A month to month model keeps the responsibility on XLHost to perform in a manner that exceeds customer expectations

Crystal Clear

When you combine our facilities, network infrastructure, enterprise grade hardware, operations team, partner relationships, and superior track record we believe that the XLHost value proposition becomes crystal clear


small business and enterprise customers from over 130 countries. Our customers appreciate our long track record of ultra-reliable, hyper-scale services and we consistently meet or exceed goals for customer satisfaction, service availability, and performance.

Popular Server Plans

Whether you need one or one hundred dedicated servers, ServerBone offers unbeatable performance and value for businesses and enterprises of all sizes seeking to increase productivity and reduce IT spending.

Pro Virtual Private Server
  • CPU: Shared Dual Xeon
  • RAM: 4Gig
  • HDD: 50Gig
  • Uptime: 99.99%
  • 1 IP(up to 20)
  • Location: USA/NL
$ 25 order now
Virtual Private Server
  • CPU: Shared Xeon
  • RAM: 1024MB
  • HDD: 20Gig
  • Uptime: 99.99%
  • 1 IP(up to 4)
  • Location: USA/NL
$ 10 order now
Cloud VPS
Virtual Dedicated Server
  • CPU: Xeon E3 Series
  • RAM: 8Gig
  • HDD: 100Gig
  • Uptime: 99.99%
  • 3 IPs(up to 36)
  • Location: USA/NL
$ 49 order now


At Server ServerBone, we take pride in being one of the leading companies in Customer Care and IT Support. We believe in providing every single customer with the same attention and care as if they were our only customer. It is that philosophy that sets us apart from other leading competitors.

I use Serverbone dedicated server Single CPU, Quad-Core with 16 GB of RAM. It's a super fast server that can be optimized for more speed. Apart from this I also use their cloud services that is required for my dns service. I love this. Before moving my site to Serverbone i was very frustrated with the uptime of my host. My site went down at least 2 times in a week, But with serverbone i never faced this issue.They have a really good uptime and an awesome support. I think i am in love with this host as they care for their clients..

Server Manager

ServerBone have very good and fast support that if that give best solutions for all services it will be best too.VPS prices are normal and sometimes with good have best and support all of every payments and that sound is good. but a little on this servers abuse is bad and it Involved very customers on every people service at ServerBone. I hope it will be solve every time and don't come very for any users soon.

Chris Kiya
IOS developer

I want to say this place has by far the best service in town I actually enjoy there services .. few times they had a server deployed in less then 2 hours it was major shocker for me

Robert Jala
Hosting Provider

WordPress and other apps included.

Deploy WordPress or the app of your choice in just seconds with our Softaculous application installer. Softaculous also makes updating and maintaining open source applications a breeze.

Grow your website and business with us.

As your site grows, choose a larger hosting package and we’ll help you upgrade at any time. Expecting a traffic spike? No problem – we’ll help you quickly and easily move to an appropriate package to power your website, big or small.

Secured Databases

latest version of SQL,cloudlinux ,cageFS can keep your databases and files VERY safe.

Real people to help you 24 hours a day.

Our support team works around the clock and is available via Live Chat and our Helpdesk to assist you with your hosting service, whenever you need it.