we offer more than 1 IP address

Yes, we offer up to 128 additional IPs per Dedicated Server and we offer up to 48 additional IPs per VPS To order additional IP addresses: Login to the Clients Area; At the left menu select “Dashbord” tab; Then press green “Order More” button; On the top sellect “Product addons” Extra additional IPs; In arrow select how ... Read More »

6th May 2019
unmetered vps usa

What is Unmetered bw ?  Unmetered Bandwidth You might be asking yourself, what is unmetered bandwidth? To put it simply, an unmetered bandwidth plan offers you the ability to pay based on the speed rather than the volume of traffic. In other words, you don’t get charged for the volume of traffic that comes to your site. At first glance, ... Read More »

3rd May 2019

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